Details on how to apply for a place at this school can be found on the West Sussex County Council website -  Please click on the logo

Admissions to community and voluntary controlled schools are the responsibility of the Local Education Authority and applications must be made online at:
Tel:  03330 142 903 


New Admissions Code 2010:  Early Years Provision

The new code, which came into effect in February 2010, is changed very little from the 2009 code.  However, there is one very significant change for all primary schools admitting children into reception classes.  The code places an emphasis on pupils starting in the September following their fourth birthday, as is the current policy in West Sussex, but gives parents the right to choose from September 2011 whether they wish their child to start full-time or part-time, subject to the caveat that children are receiving full-time education in the term following their fifth birthday.  Parents still have the right to defer entry to later in the academic year and, in such cases, a place offered in reception must be held open for the child for that intake year.

Under the Education Act parents can express a preference for any school but parents do not have a right to choose a school. West Sussex Education Authority does however make every effort to meet parental preference where possible. Further information about how places are allocated at this, and other schools in the County, is contained in the Authority's Information for Parents Booklet a copy of which is available from the Pupil Admissions Office.  Further details relating to admissions can be found on the West Sussex Grid for Learning,