Meet the Staff


"Staff confirm how they are all united in supporting the headteacher's drive to ensure that pupils receive the best teaching and care that the school can offer."
                                                                                                          Ofsted - December 2013

 Caroline S


Mrs Sugden
Acting Headteacher


Mrs Denise Jenner

School Business Manager


Mrs Sharon Porter
School Secretary

Mrs Ann Vaughan
Office Assistant


 Ms Prosser with Mrs L.Cox
 Mrs Parsons and Mrs Lovell with Mrs Parker
 Mrs McGahey with Mrs Pollock and Mrs Hawkins

Year 1

Miss Court with Mrs Hood
Mrs Tite with Mrs Perrin
Mrs Bennett with Mrs Shackleton and Mrs Hawkins

Year 2

Mrs Fowler with Mrs Corbould
Mrs Tilling with Mrs Cook
Mrs Caldow with Mrs Simmons

Other Staff

Mrs Gwynn - Special Educational Needs
Learning Support Assistants - Miss C Walpole
Miss Stennett, Mrs Bull & Mrs B. Cox
Mr Formaggia - Caretaker

Midday Meals Supervisors

 Mrs Clay, Mrs Coventry,
Mrs Sampson, Mrs Gray, Ms Cochrane 
Mrs Traynor, Mrs Tubb